Toys for 4 Year Olds

The world is so full of wonder when you are a 4 year old. At this age there’s so much to learn, see and do. Your child’s imagination is bursting with ideas and craving learning opportunities.

Your 4 year old’s pretend play is becoming more imaginative and creative, their fine motor skills are improving allowing them to better grip and handle smaller toys and complete more complex tasks

Fun Educational toys are an ideal way to support ongoing learning. At 4 years old, they’re at the ideal age to introduce more complex toys such as coding and programming robot toys, early science learning, hands-on experiments, fun outdoor play and discovery, construction and more. It’s important to remember the main thing your child needs from playing with you is to have fun. It’s important not to turn play into ‘lessons’. Try and provide an interesting environment and enough time to play, and follow your child’s lead.

Our Top Toys for 4 year olds

Price:  €17.95

I assure you the award winning stomp rocket is the ultimate crowd pleaser whether you are 4 or 12. It is my go to toy for kids whenever I am buying a birthday gift or Christmas present as I have yet to meet a child that doesn’t love it.

The Stomp Rocket Jr Glow provides active outdoor entertainment, day or night. An excellent STEM toy which encourages learning through play and will keep the kids playing outdoors for hours.

hape might mountain mine

Price:  €149.95

Wooden trains and tracks are a childhood staple, and my boys absolutely love their train sets. When it comes to train sets it doesn’t get much better then the multi-award winning Hape Might Mountain Mine. While on the pricier side this really is top quality and something that will get played with over and over again. The multi-level play-set provides the ultimate wooden-railway experience and includes a waterfall tunnel, an obstacle bridge, a crane, a conveyor belt and a repair station! This is guaranteed to be played with for years.

Price:  €49.95

Winner of Pre-School toy of the year 2020 along with a range of other awards Coding Critters really is something that I HIGHLY recommend. These super cute interactive pets introduce 100% screen-free programming for kids. Each pet-themed coding robot teaches early STEM concepts through basic coding and activities, featuring challenging coding games too. We really enjoy doing this as a family. Both my boys enjoyed playing and coding and this is a great way to teach younger kids to code and learn while they are having so much fun and don’t even realize it’s teaching them things. It’s the perfect coding toy for a 4 year old.


Price:  €26.95

4 years old is around the age when many kids can really listen to, understand, and follow simple game instructions.  Pengoloo is a perfect game to introduce the idea of games with rules turn taking and being a good winner as well as a good loser. Pengoloo is a simple memory game for preschoolers. The penguins are adorable and super motivating and engaging for kids. The more kids are motivated to play, the more they will learn. Why Pengoloo is brilliant: Pengoloo works on visual and working memory, following directions, turn taking, sustained attention, colour matching, counting, and perseverance. This game is meant for preschoolers but can be just as engaging for older kids. Also, the wooden penguins and eggs are ridiculously cute!

Other Great Toys for 4 Year Olds

Mad Mattr Super Pack

All of the above are available online at Cogs the Brain Shop.

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