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Word On The Street

Word On The Street


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Primary learners will love racing along this board game as they develop a variety of literacy skills, collecting consonants as they go!

  • Encourage players to play as teams to develop an understanding of teamwork
  • Teams select categories to start collecting consonants
  • Move eight consonants to your side to win!
  • Game play develops a variety of literacy skills:
    • Vocabulary
    • Spelling
    • Communication
  • Game play is suitable for the whole family
  • Age: 10 – adult
  • Players: 2 – 8
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Word On The Street

Word on the Street is the hilarious tug of words family/party game. Each turn, a team draws a category card and quickly comes up with a one-word answer before time runs out. Once a word is chosen, the team moves each letter of the word towards their side of the street. The first team to move 8 letters off the board wins!


216 cards, game board, 17 letter tiles, 1 sand timer, instructional guide

Additional Info:

Age: 10 – adult

Players: 2 – 8

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10+, 11+, 12+, Teens