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V-Cube 3x3x3 – Pillow

V-Cube 3x3x3 – Pillow


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V-Cubes are a cool family of clever cubes. The V-Cube 3 is a beautifully made, three by three by three cube – a classic size cube puzzle.

This fun and challenging three layer cube has 4.32 x 1019 possible permutations! It’s great for both beginner and more experienced cube puzzles solvers and, like all V-Cubes, great for speed cubing (solving the cube in the fastest time possible.)

All V-Cubes boast an amazingly smooth, fast and durable mechanism that is a revolution in the cubing world. The “pillow” version, unique to V-Cubes, gives the cube a more rounded shape which some people find more ergonomic than the classic cube shape.

The solution is included in the box. Want more of a challenge? Try a larger cube or why not buy three and solve the cubes while juggling with them?

The V-Cube 3 measures 65mm on each side and weighs 98g.

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10+, 11+, 12+, 7+, 8+, 9+, Teens