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Super Spirals Quadrilla Marble Run Hape E6024

super spiral marble run

Super Spirals Quadrilla Marble Run Hape E6024


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  • 29-PIECE SUPER SPIRALS TOY : More spinning and surprises with this 129-piece deluxe quadrilla set; Marbles travel inward on the concave side of the two-sided spiral twists and outward on the convex side
  • ABUNDANT ACCESSORIES : Four special control blocks randomly distribute marbles; A rotary tower, xylophone rail, transparent tunnel and other accessories improve the versatility of this set
  • A LOT LIKE CODING : Hape’s quadrilla, a unique marble run system, has been praised by The Wall Street Journal as the ideal toy for teaching kids how to code
  • STEAM EDUCATION : Quadrilla encourages spatial thinking and problem-solving and helps develop an understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM) principles
  • FAMILY ACTIVITY : As a family activity, this quadrilla enhances parent-child interaction and bonding;
  • APP FOR INSTRUCTION : The Hape Quadrilla app gives step-by-step instructions and a sharing platform;


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Get more spinning and more surprises with this deluxe Quadrilla set. Includes a xylophone rail that plays a tune as marbles run over it, two double-sided spiral twists, plus four special control blocks to randomly distribute marbles. STEM

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