Star Wars The Card Game

star wars the vard game
star wars the vard game

Star Wars The Card Game

Star Wars The Card Game


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  • A two-player head-to-head duel for the fate of the galaxy
  • Command the most legendary heroes, villains, and starships from the Star Wars universe
  • Unique deck construction rules streamline deck-building
  • The edge battle bidding mechanic adds a layer of drama to the game’s dynamic and tactical combats
  • The Core Set comes with everything necessary for two players to dive into the action
  • Age 10 – Adult
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Star Wars The Card Game:

In Star Wars The Card Game, two players compete to determine the fate of the galaxy. Join Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia Organa, Obi-Wan Kenobi and others as they defy the Galactic Empire and resist the corrupt agents of the Sith. Or give in to your anger and fight alongside Darth Vader, Emperoe Palpatine, Grand Moff Tarkin and the boundless might of the Galactic Empire to crush the Rebel Alliance and the remnants of the Jedi Order.

Each turn the dark side takes one inevitable step towards complete domination of the galaxy. Meanwhile, the forces of the light side focus their efforts on destroying three crucial objectives before all hope is lost.

Age: 10 and up

2 Player game

Playing Time: 30 – 60 minutes

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10 – 11 Years, 12 – 15 Years

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