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Solar System Puzzle 100 Piece

Solar System Puzzle 100 Piece


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From Mercury to Mars and on to Neptune, this 100 piece puzzle from Janod is a great way to learn about the sun, our galaxy, stars and planets.

The puzzle comes with a fun, educational booklet to learn more about our solar system.

The finished puzzle measures 70cm x 49cm.

This beautiful cardboard puzzle will allow your child to discover the solar system.

Age Recommendation: 5 Years +
Dimensions: 33cm x 27cm x 6cm (Box)

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Head for the Milky Way and the discovery of our solar system with this magnificent space puzzle for children aged 5 and over! This 100-piece cardboard puzzle is a real invitation to escape into a universe that children love! Comets, the sun, some planets and beautiful details to discover in total immersion thanks to the large size of this puzzle (70 x 49 cm/27.6 x 19.3″). It comes with an educational booklet to learn more about our solar system and its components. The style of the puzzle is matte, but the planets have been varnished to make them stand out and easily identifiable. In the box, you will also find a poster that serves as a model for beginners, while the more experienced can then complete the puzzle independently.

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5+, 6+, 7+