Secondary School Maths Station Teaching Games Value Bundle

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Secondary School Maths Station Teaching Games Value Bundle

Secondary School Maths Station Teaching Games Value Bundle

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173.00 147.00

  • All the maths games you need to run a full maths station teaching lesson.
  • Irish secondary school teacher developed.
  • Each game works with a group of students.
  • Each game can be used as a full station.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Recommended for 1st and 2nd year maths. Ordinary and foundation level maths.
  • Games encourage key maths concepts, collaborative learning and active learning.
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Product Description

  • Maths stations are a great way to create a learning environment where students are interacting somewhat independently and collaboratively with maths. During maths station teaching, students rotate around pre-planned math activities. These activities  promote practice of key math concepts that are being taught or need reinforcement.
  • This set of maths games will allow you to run a whole class maths station lesson with all the children actively involved.
  • Developed by an Irish school teacher.
  • Each game can be used as a full station.
  • Each game is student friendly allowing independent stations not requiring constant teacher instruction.
What is station teaching?

In station teaching, the teacher divides maths games into a station (a table).  The teacher can move around the classroom  or stay at a particular station; the other stations are run independently.

Some advantages of this approach are:

·        The students have the benefit of working in small groups.

·        The teachers can cover more material in a shorter period of time.

·        Fewer discipline problems occur because students are engaged in active, hands-on learning.

·        It is possible to separate students who need to work away from each other.

·        All students get access to teaching manipulatives even if they’re in short supply or are smaller pieces of equipment that are not as effective in whole class teaching.

·        It encourages co-operation


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