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Scrabble Glass

Scrabble Glass


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  • SHOWSTOPPING: This superb edition of Scrabble features stunning design and innovative features
  • MAKE A STATEMENT: The heavyweight, rotating board not only looks stunning, but is made from tempered glass for added safety
  • NON-SLIP TILES: The specially moulded tiles have a silicon coating on the rear so that they will not slip
  • STYLE AND SUBSTANCE: The sleek grey and white design makes a great centrepiece for any table; perfect to display and play!
  • MIND SHARPENING ENTERTAINMENT: Simple but richly rewarding game every time you play!
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Scrabble Glass Edition is sure to make a statement whether you are enjoying a challenging round of Scrabble or simply admiring this beautiful set as it sits on your coffee table.

This superb new edition of Scrabble features stunning design and innovative features. This set features a tempered glass game board and built-in lazy susan. The letter tiles feature a non-slip backing to keep the Scrabble tiles in place when turning the game board.

These Scrabble tiles are stored in an fabric pouch with drawstring. 4 white letter tile racks are included. The set also includes a scorepad to record the results of your epic word battles.

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