Rat a Tat Cat Cogs

Rat a Tat Cat

Rat a Tat Cat Cogs

Rat a Tat Cat


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  • Children’s card game that helps develop timing and basic mathematical concepts
  • Teaches strategy, memory building, and addition
  • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Best Toy Award; Mensa 1996 Best New Mind Game Award
  • Includes 54 rat, cat, and power cards
  • For 2 to 6 players
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About Rat a Tat Cat:

It’s never too early to develop a good poker face. With Rat a Tat Cat, a poker face is just one of the skills players need to perfect. As in poker, luck, skill, strategy, and intuition each play a part. Players are dealt four cards, which are kept face- down, except for a quick peek at two of them. Each player in turn pulls a card from the draw pile to replace one of the four. Memory is important, as the object is to end with the lowest score, and players must keep track of the values on their four cards. “Peek,” “Swap,” and “Draw Two” Power cards turn up occasionally, allowing players to maneuver and strategise further. Delightfully witty pictures of cats (the good guys–low points) and rats (bad guys–high points) illustrate each of the 54 cards. Young card sharks will develop a sense of timing and greater ease with numbers, and can begin to grasp the concept of probability. Winner of Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Best Toy Award and the 1996 Mensa Best New Mind Game.

As children play Rat-a-tat Cat, they develop a sense of timing and an understanding of basic, but essential, mathematical concepts. They learn ways to remember their cards and strategies to figure out what cards other players might have. They also begin to develop an intuitive sense of probability. Rat-a-tat Cat requires skill, strategy, and awareness, challenging both young children and adults.



54 Cat and Rat Cards

Rules of Play

Includes Rules for Younger Players


Additional Info:

Age: 6+

Players: 2-6

Playing Time: Aprox 20 minutes


Mensa Select Award


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10+, 6+, 7+, 8+, 9+