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Rampunctious is a party game about truly re-pun-gent puns. It’s creative and word-based with a splash of improv and endless pun-tential for fun.

You’ll get uniquely ridiculous Scenarios and a hand of Topics. Then it’s all up to you to make the most pun-ishing puns possible!

The only limit is the number of puns your friends will tolerate.


How to Play:

In each round a scenario and topic card are played, the players are encouraged to discuss the fictitious scenarios while making as many puns about the topic as possible. Whoever comes up with the best, worst or most puns in the round wins.

Each game comes with 50 Scenario cards each showing a unique Scenario more ludicrous than the last.

Each round a Scenario is pulled from the deck by the Pundit. They then choose one of the 5 Topic cards in their hand to play with the Scenario.

There are 180 Topics in the game and this is where your pun skills get put to the test.


Consider the Scenario to be the truth no matter how far-fetched! The players now discuss the Scenario while throwing in as many puns as possible about the Topic. You don’t need to make a pun in every round, but he who puns wins.


Have you ever made a pun so bad your friends glare at you in disgust?

Has a friend ever punned to such a level that you felt physical pain?

That’s what you’re aiming for in Rampunctious.

If a pun’s so truly terrible happens it’s time to use the Cringe cards.

A deck has 20 cringe cards each with a unique punny image on them.


Additional Info:

Age: 14+

Players: 4 or more

Playing time: 30 minutes


About the Creators:

Jen Carey is a game designer and writer. She has an affinity for absolutely terrible puns and likes to make other people suffer with them. After working in the videogame industry for years, Jen decided to branch out and create Rampunctious.

Basil Lim is a 3d artist and a lecturer in games. His email signature is fancier than most people’s CVs. He created the art for Rampunctious’ cards.

John Fitzgerald is a writer and game developer who was ‘convinced’ to help writing card content.



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