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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico


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  • 3 to 5 Player Game
  • 90 Minutes to play
  • High quality farming and economic themed board game
  • Great for game nights
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Puerto Rico:

In 1493 Christopher Columbus discovered the eastern-most island of the Great Antilles. About 50 years later, Peurto Rico began to really blossom – through you! Which roles will you play in this new world: Prospector? Governor? Settler? Trader? Whatever you do, you have one goal: to achieve the greatest prosperity and highest reputation!

Who will have the most fruitful plantation? Who will build the most impressive buildings? And, who will earn the most victory points?

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Age: 13+

Players: 3 – 5

Playing time: 90 – 150 minutes

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12 – 15 Years

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