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One Night Ultimate Werewolf

One Night Ultimate Werewolf


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  • Each player gets a unique role: A Werewolf, Seer, Troublemaker, or another, all with special abilities
  • After a secret night phase that includes changing roles, players have just 5 minutes to find a Werewolf
  • Includes a free iOS/Android app that makes playing incredibly engaging and addictive
  • May be combined with One Night Ultimate Werewolf Daybreak and One Night Ultimate Vampire for epic battles
  • 3 – 10 players
  • Ages 8 and up
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One Night Ultimate Werewolf:

One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a fast game for 3 to 10 players where everyone gets a role: One of the dastardly Werewolves, the tricky Troublemaker, the helpful Seer or one of a dozen different characters, each with a special ability.

In the course of only one night and the following morning, the players will determine who among them is a werewolf…hopefully. One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a microgame of the party game Ultimate Werewolf that doesn’t need a moderator. There’s no elimination, and each game lasts about 10 minutes.

Because it’s so fast, fun and engaging, you’ll want to play it again and again, and no two games are ever the same.


A dozen unique roles on sixteen thick, sturdy tiles, sixteen tokens, a Getting Started Guide and a comprehensive rulebook with detailed role descriptions.

Additional Info:

Age: 8+

Players: 3 to 10

Playing Time: 10 mins



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10+, 11+, 12+, 8+, 9+, Teens, Adults