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My First Game Bears in Pairs

bears in pairs game

My First Game Bears in Pairs


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My First Games have been designed specifically to develop important skills through game play. Bears in Pairs is a hands-on educational game that supports STEM learning helping to develop visual discrimination and matching skills critical for early reading and maths.

  • Hide and seek takes an adorable twist with this hands-on learning kids memory game for 2 year olds!
  • This set introduces little ones to the joys of memory game play, with simple, three-step instructions and no reading required.
  • Game box includes:
    • Playhouse with 7 coloured doors
    • 3 Pairs of matching bears
    • Game spinner
    • Multilingual parent guide with 3 ways to play
    • Playhouse measures 17.8cm H x 14.6cm W x 14.6cm D
  • For 2 players
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My First Game Bears in Pairs! – The hands-on educational game that provides STEM learning along with matching and memory skills. Children must match the animals to the correct coloured doors and their pairs, the first to match them all wins!

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2+, 3+, 4+, 5+