Numeracy Station Teaching Games Pack – Senior Infants

senior infants numeracy bundle one to use (1)
cheeky monkeys cogs the brain shop
frog party cogs the brain shop
Orchard Toys Bus Stop Gamev cogs the brain shop
Orchard Toys Pizza, Pizza! Game cogs the brain shop
Calculating Critters
hide and seek bonds cogs the brain shop
Shapes Don’t Bug Me Geometry Activity Set
robot face race

Numeracy Station Teaching Games Pack – Senior Infants

Numeracy Station Teaching Games Pack – Senior Infants


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  • All the maths games you need to run a full station teaching numeracy lesson.
  • Ideal for maths power hour or maths for fun initiative.
  • Each game works with a group of children.
  • Each game can be used as a full station.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Created by an experienced Irish primary school teacher.
  • Key curriculum skills development.
  • Encourages collaborative and active learning.
  • Each game / activity will work with a minimum of 4 players.
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Orchard Toys Cheeky Monkeys Counting Game

  • A fun and strategic game pupils will love
  • Develops counting and gameplay skills
  • 3D tree adds exciting dimension
  • Suitable for 2-4 players
  • Suitable for ages 4-8

Orchard Toys Frog Party Addition Game

  • A first addition game
  • Encourages number and counting skills
  • Includes number line
  • Suitable for ages 4+
  • Fun educational game for 2-4 players

Orchard Toys Bus Stop Game

  • A simple addition, subtraction and counting game
  • Top 10 bestseller
  • Colourful board and pieces
  • Suitable for ages 4-8 and 2-4 players

Orchard Toys Pizza, Pizza! Game

  • A fun colour and shape matching game
  • Encourages turn taking and social skills
  • Features fun, yucky pizza ingredients children will love
  • Suitable for ages 3-7 and 2-4 players

Calculating Critters

  • Being able to decompose, double and halve numbers quickly is a powerful strategy that must be learnt to aid rapid mental maths calculation.
  • These vital skills also underpin addition and subtraction and multiplication and division.
  • Ladybirds provide a multisensory means to enable investigation of numbers (in this case to 10) in a context that is highly visual and easy to understand.
  • 4 Ladybird boards, double-sided spots and number cards, plus included games and fun activities allow pupils to investigate how numbers can be made from different amounts and split in different ways, importantly underpinning doubling and number bond knowledge.
  • Place varying amounts of different coloured spots on to each side of the Ladybird.
  • Ages 4+ and SEN.

Hide & Seek Number Bonds to 10

  • Quick mental and written addition and subtraction of larger numbers relies on rapid recall of number bonds to both 10 and 20.
  • It is imperative that this knowledge is secured as early as possible and constantly revisited to refresh it.
  • Count the total number of critters on an open card before working out how many are hiding behind e.g. the sofa, tree or sand castle using numberlines, tracks or just your brain.
  • Set includes multi-level game rules for whole class and small group learning printed on the box and is suitable for pupils from age 4-7 and upwards or older pupils with SEN.
  • Contains 30 laminated folding Critter Cards.

Shapes Don’t Bug Me Geometry Activity Set

An engaging way to introduce geometric shapes to young learners!

  • Children will create artistic master pieces while becoming familiar with 2-D geometric shapes
  • Geometric shape pieces are relational and translucent
  • Pictures can be completed in more than one way, increasing the challenge
  • 2-D geometric shapes activity set includes:Activity cards measure 20cm square
    • 20 double-sided activity cards
    • 14 different translucent shapes (five different triangles, two different squares, rectangle, hexagon, trapezium, rhombus, circle, semi-circle and quarter circle)

Robot Face Race Attribute Game

  • Scanning the board for the robot head with the correct colored face, nose, eyes, and mouth develops visual discrimination—a key pre-reading skill!
  • Includes game board with 120 different robot heads, Robot Randomizer, and 20 robot scoring tokens.
  • All players play all the time – no waiting!
  • This award-winning game is recommended by American Mensa!
  • For ages 4 and up – great for non-readers and players who speak any language!
  • Promotes attributes and visual perception
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