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  • A firm favourite with football fans of all ages, this magnetic football scores tracker is a fun and interactive way to monitor the results of the top four UK football leagues, from the Premier League and Championship League right through to teams in the League 2 table.

    Children and adult football fans love nothing more than keeping up-to-date with the latest football scores, and what better way to do it than with this fun and interactive live football score tracker?

    Perfect for footie fans of all ages, this magnetic football table is the ideal way to track the progress of every single team, from those in the Premier League and Championship right down to the League 2 table. It comes with 124 name pieces featuring every single team from the top four leagues, which can be moved around according to the result of all football fixtures.

    Whether you are an avid fan of Manchester United, Liverpool FC, Middlesbrough, MK Dons or Mansfield, you can instantly update the position of each team as you watch the football on TV. Not only can you update the position of each team, you can also use the dry-wipe pen to add each teams points total as they progress through the season.

    If you are in a fantasy Premier League team, or you just like to keep track of the football scores, this is a great way to get hands on and monitor your favourite team and its performance match after match.

    This football league table can be personalised too, and can be wall mounted or stuck to any magnetic surface so its easily accessible at home or on the move.

    It folds neatly away so all pieces can be stored together and reused at the beginning of each new season, meaning you will never lose track of how your team is performing and who is top of the national league table

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    ! Ideal for footie fans of all ages

  • Magnetic Football Tables to follow the football results for 4 top flight leagues
  • Includes 124 team pieces for teams from Premier, Championship and Leagues 1 and 2 and teams from the National League
  • From the latest football scores, slide pieces up and down and use the included dry-wipe pen to write in the new points total for all the football clubs
  • Perfect gift for football-obsessed fans, both children and adults; after watching the latest football fixtures, they will love to keep the league tables completely up to date

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