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Magformers Police & Rescue 26 Piece Set

Magformers Police & Rescue 26 Piece Set


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  • Full rescue and emergency-themed Magformers play set with magnetic pieces, accessories and characters!
  • Makes 20 different police and rescue vehicles!
  • Contains instructional playsheets to make 2D-to-3D geometric models!
  • Builds 3D structures like buildings, as well as vehicles!
  • Wheels click together as well as clip into Magformers pieces!
  • Accessory pieces transform, so siren becomes a propeller, etc.
  • Includes fireman and policeman characters!
  • Contains: 17 magnetic squares, triangles and large rectangle. Plus 9 extra accessories. Makes 30 models.
  • Models are made by assembling magnetic and non-magnetic pieces!
  • Contents: 26 x pieces
  • Age: 3+
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This new 26-piece play set combines magnetic Magformers pieces with new multi-purpose police and fire themed accessories. The set contains wheels, a red light/siren piece that converts into a propeller, driver cab, container block that doubles as a prison cell and bull bars/window grille.

Sensory Development Playing with Magformers improves any child’s fine motor skills through touching and combining the magnetic construction pieces by hand.

Develops Mathematical & Scientific Thinking Combining and connecting magnetic pieces helps children understand the concepts of space, principles of parts of shapes and identify and compare 2D shapes likes squares, 3D shapes like cubes, and patterns.

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3+, 4+, 5+, 6+