KEVA Brain Builders


• Multi award winning. Strengthens STEM, fine-motor, strategy, physics and basic engineering skills
• A new and exciting way to experience KEVA planks
• Perfect for on-the-go learning
• Includes 20 durable planks, 30 double-sided cards in a zippered carrying case

Age Recommendation: Ages 7 and up

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  • Train your brain to think in multiple dimensions, transferring 2D information into 3D reality!
  • Players use KEVA planks to successfully duplicate the balance, proportion, composition and geometry featured on each card.
  • Brain Builders has a 2-D diagram on one side of each card, and a photographic solution on the other.
  • Includes 20 KEVA planks, 30 double-sided cards and instructions in a zippered carrying case.


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