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Junko Zoomer Kit

Junko Zoomer Kit


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Imagine and Build your own working toy vehicles using old boxes, bottles, cartons, card…. with our top of the range JUNKO Zoomer! Kit.

  • Hours of creative play – use it again and again… make a new toy every day!
  • Super speedy pull-back & let-go rubber band drive
  • Magic Connectors which use rare-earth magnets to join on pots, tubs, card without messy & wasteful tape and glue. (JUNKO Core Zoomer! Kit doesn’t have these)
  • Made from Recycled Plastic and designed to last.
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The extendable 4-wheeler kit fits around all shapes and sizes of junk and uses magnets to hold your model in place. It uses a “pull-back & let-go” rubber band drive. And there are clever re-usable J-FIX clips to make card structures and attach pots, tubs, etc


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