IQ Focus Smart Games
IQ Focus Smart Games
IQ Focus Smart Games

IQ Focus Smart Games

IQ Focus Smart Games

IQ Focus Smart Games


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  • A logic puzzle game with 120 progressive challenges
  • Develops logical ability, concentration, planning, problem solving and spatial insight
  • Compact portable travel case
  • Booklet with solutions to challenges
  • Age: 8 – Adult
  • One player
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IQ Focus

Focus on the central square!

Test your self with multiple levels of brain teasing fun. The IQ Focus features 120 challenges in a compact, portable travel case. Each challenge shows what the “focus” area (3×3 square in the middle of the board) must look like to complete the challenge.

Includes 10 colourful puzzle pieces, and 120 multi-level challenges across 5 playing levels.

Age: 8 to adult

How to play

Step 1

Select a challenge. Each challenge shows the color of the 9 squares in the central area of the game board (the 3×3 area you see through the transparent window when you close the lid). Focus on this area when solving the challenge. Squares can be red, green, blue or white.

Step 2

The object of the game is to fit all the pieces on the game board so that the colors of the 9 central squares match what is shown in the challenge.

Step 3

When all puzzle pieces fit on the game board, close the lid to check if the color placements in the central 3×3 area match with the challenge. There is only 1 correct solution, which can be found at the end of the booklet.

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