humpty dumpty wall game
humpty dumpty wall game (1)

Humpty Dumptys Wall Game

humpty dumpty wall game

Humpty Dumptys Wall Game


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The Wall Game is a game of skill, coordination and laughs

Take turns knock a brick out of the wall without knocking Humpty off

Age 4 and up

2 player game

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Humpty Dumptys Wall Game:

How steady is your hand? This fantastic suspenseful game is an ideal gift for children. Humpty Dumptys Wall Game is full of excitement and offers hours of screams and laughs along with some intense fun.  The objective of the game is easy – don’t let Humpty Dumpty fall off the wall. Build up the wall and place the not yet fallen Humpty Dumpty on his perch. Decide who starts… then each player takes it in turn to push out one brick at a time from underneath Humpty Dumpty. But be careful! The one to knock poor old Humpty Dumpty off of his wall will lose the game! This Wall game helps children with co-ordination, dexterity and imagination, along with developing the ability to play together.

Age: 4 and up

2 Player game

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