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Free Play Magnatab

Free Play Magnatab Cogs

Free Play Magnatab


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Free Play Magnatab is a wonderful learning tool that provides a sensory-reinforced lesson that allows children to process information through their eyes, ears, and fingertips.


How to Play Free Play Magnatab:

Let The magnetic stylus be your pen and the bead board be your paper. Use your imagination to draw shapes, letters and pictures, popping individual beads to the surface. Erases with the tip of a finger.  Pushing the beads down once again repeats and underscores the learning experience. Magnatabs are engaging toys that are ideal for children to use on their own.



Tablet & Magnetic Pen


Additional Info:

Age: 3+

Magnatabs are fully safety tested. The magnet will not come out of the pen, and the holes are designed to be smaller than the beads, so they do not come out of the board.

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