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Charades Family

Charades Family


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  • Suits all ages
  • Excellent play value
  • Brings the family together
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Charades Family Board Game

Choose from more than 1,000 mimes in a frantic race across the board.

Pick up and play – No complicated rules with this family classic – just a devilish twist.

6 categories – Famous People, Films, TV Shows, Popular Songs, Books and Pot Luck.

Box Contains – Charades Card Decks, Sand Timer, Counters, Playing Board, Rules.

The aim of the game is to move your playing counters across the board from ‘start’ to ‘finish’ whilst acting and guessing mimes from the six categories.

Pick up and play – Players are not just miming to their team – anyone can guess and steal the next move. There are over 1,000 engaging mimes to enjoy, involving 6 categories – famous people, films, TV shows, popular songs, books and pot luck. How would you mime ‘Wayne Rooney’? What About ‘feeling under the weather’? With mimes open to wildly different interpretations and the tension of competing against the clock, it’ll have you laughing and crying and hot under the collar all at the same time.

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10+, 12+, 6+, 7+, 8+, 9+