Cha Cha Chihuahua

Cha Cha Chihuahua

Cha Cha Chihuahua

Cha Cha Chihuahua


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Cha Cha Chihuahua:

Cha Cha Chihuahua is the game of dancing doggies. Draw cards to get these peppy perritos to join your doggy dance-a-thon. Paw away another player’s pups with some fetching food, but watch out for “siesta” cards that will send your dog-tired dancers straight to the Nap Shack! End the party with the most Chihuahuas on your dance floor and you’re the cha-cha-champ!


How to play:

Each player has their own dancefloor. Draw a card and complete the action on the card. Be the person with the most doggies on their dancefloor to win.

Action Cards:

Single Chihuahua Card: Take one Chihuahua from the centre dog pile and place it on any open squares on your dance floor.

Double Chihuahua Cards:  Take two Chihuahuas from the centre pile, place one on your dance floor and give one to the player who has the fewest dogs on their dance floor.

Cha-Cha Chow-Chow Card:  Ask any player to give you one of their Chihuahuas and then place it in an empty space on your dance floor.

Siesta Time Card: If any of your Chihuahuas’ feet touch a colour square that matches the colour on the blanket, you must send them to the Nap Shack.

Nap Shack Card:  Take all of the Chihuahuas out of the Nap Shack and place them on any open squares on your dance floor.


Additional Info:

Age: 4+

Players: 2 – 4

Playing Time: 15 time



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