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Brain Games – IceCool Award Winning Family Board Game

Brain Games – IceCool Award Winning Family Board Game


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  • ICECOOL: Flick the penguins around the school and catch the fish while running away from the Hall Monitor who is one of the players! This board game’s flicking pieces curve, dive and jump so their interaction results in surprises throughout the game.
  • FAMILY FRIENDLY: Requiring 2-4 players, the simple board game is a fun distraction suitable for all ages. Anyone can hone their flicking skills and learn new tricks so children, teenagers as well as adults can play together.
  • 3D BOARD GAME: The game contains 5 boxes that players fasten together with fish tokens creating an immersive 3D game board. With its innovative box-in-a-box concept, ICECOOL is super easy and quick to set up. Plastic penguins, cards and English /French /Spanish rules also included.
  • AWARD WINNING FUN: ICECOOL was Kinderspiel des Jahres 2017, Deutscher Spielepreis Best Children’s Game 2017, UK Games Expo 2016’s Best Children’s Game and has a Major Fun! Award among many others.
  • BRAIN GAMES: We love board games! From quick, simple and fun family games to brain teasers to test your intelligence, every Brain Games product has beautiful graphics and unique gameplay. We make simple games that not only engage, but also develop your thinking, creativity and socialization skills.
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ICECOOL is a fun flicking game that is a great test of dexterity for children, teenagers and adults alike.

A classic game of dexterity. Set in a penguin school, the 3D board is made up of 5 classrooms, using a unique ‘box in a box’ set up, and players use different flicking techniques to move their naughty penguin around corners and through doorways in the game board to win a fish, while the Hall Monitor tries to stop them.

Everyone takes a turn being the Hall Monitor, so the number of rounds equals the number of players.

  • Player age: 6+
  • Players: 2 – 4
  • Playing time: 20 min

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8 – 9 Years, 10 – 11 Years, 12 – 15 Years, 6 – 7 Years