Brain Box – Opposities Brainbox

Brain Box – Opposities Brainbox


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Opposites games are always popular. This one from Brainbox involves looking at a card for 10 seconds (timer included). Each card has two opposites depicted – e.g Hot – Cold, Above – Below, On – Off, Fast – Slow. After the ten seconds turn the card over, role the dice and answer the question about the picture. 55 good sized cards. 12 x 12cm. Age 3+. 1 or more players

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About BrainBox Opposites:

BrainBox is educational and is perfect for families and groups of friends to play wherever they are, on a level-playing field, and can also be played solo. The game is packed in a sturdy cool magnetic cube box for easy storage.

How To Play:

You have 10 seconds study the cards to see the different things in the picture before flipping them over: now roll the dice and answer a question about it, can you remember what was in the picture? Answer correctly and keep the cards, or if not return the card to the box. The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins!



55 Cards

1 Rules Card

1 Sand Timer

1 Die


Additional Info:

Age: 3+

Players: 1 or more



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4+, 5+