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Big Tractor 25 Piece Floor Puzzle Orchard Toys

Big Tractor 25 Piece Floor Puzzle Orchard Toys


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Big Tractor Jigsaw Puzzle

A 25 piece shaped tractor jigsaw puzzle.

  • 25 piece shaped puzzle
  • Includes talkabout guide
  • Suitable for ages 3-6
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Little hands will enjoy putting together the chunky, wipe-clean pieces to get this shiny red tractor chugging around the farm!

Big Tractor includes a fun learning guide on the back of the box, which features different discussion points to talk about once the puzzle has been completed. This includes questions to encourage observation, develop counting from 1-12 and discuss position e.g. What colours can you see on the tractor? Can you count 12 apples?

Puzzle size 62 x 41cm approx.

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3+, 4+, 5+, 6+