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About Appletters:

An Apple a day for us all to play. Create a continuous word snake by adding your word to the head or tail. Originally designed with younger players in mind, Appletters features three levels of play to amuse children and challenge adults. Clear the table, unzip the apple, and prepare for a great family evening! The free-standing tiles are easy to handle and can be used to play three different games. Appletters helps to develop spelling skills, enhance strategic thinking, encourage cooperation, promote turn-taking, and improve concentration.


How To Play:

Place all 110 tiles face down on the table. This is the CORE. To determine the order of play, each player draws one tile from the CORE. The player with the letter closest to ‘A’ starts the game. Each player now takes 8 more tiles, so they have 9 tiles each. Stand them up so nobody can see your letters. The first player makes a word with his or her letters. The words can be horizontal or vertical but they have to read from top to bottom or from left to right. Players take it in turns adding new words starting or ending with the first or last letter of the word snake. If a players can’t make a word with their letters they must say PICK AND PASS. They must then take three more tiles from the CORE and miss a turn. The game continues until one player has used all their tiles. That players shouts HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES. There are 3 levels of play.


Additional Info:

3 levels of play

Players: 1-4

Age: 5+


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