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Activity Travel Backpack

Activity Travel Backpack


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With the travel bag, an overnight trip or holiday is so much more fun! The activities travel backpack is full of different bits and bobs. Entertain yourself with the scratch cards, postcards you can colour in, pencils, mosaic stickers and window stickers! And perhaps best of all: you can colour in the travel bag too!

The activities travel backpack is a backpack that can be coloured in and contains three scratch cards, various sticker sheets, colouring pencils and postcards for colouring in. The bag is large enough to also fit your cuddly toys and other toys.

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  • Bag full of activities for on the road
  • 3 activities in 1
  • Large backpack that can carry extra toys or stuffed animals
  • Colour in nice postcards that can be send

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3+, 4+, 5+, 6+