2nd class numeracy bundle one to use (1)
what the time Mr wolf cogs the brain shop
pop to the shops cogs the brain shop
finding fractions cogs the brain shop
addition and subtraction 2 digit Savvy Maths Games
place value and ordering cogs the brain shop
decodable word problems to 20 cogs the brain shop
dive into 3d shapes cogs the brain shop

2nd Class Numeracy Station Teaching Games Pack

2nd Class Numeracy Station Teaching Games Pack


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  • All the maths games you need to run a full station teaching numeracy lesson.
  • Ideal for maths power hour or maths for fun initiative.
  • Each game works with a group of children.
  • Each game can be used as a full station.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Created by an experienced Irish primary school teacher.
  • Key curriculum skills development.
  • Encourages collaborative and active learning.
  • Each game / activity will work with a minimum of 4 players.
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What’s The Time Mr Wolf? Orchard Toys

  • A time telling board game with two ways to play!
  • Develops analogue and digital time telling skills
  • Includes giant clock face with moveable hands
  • 2-4 players

Pop to the Shops (Euro Addition) Orchard Toys

  • Learn about handling money and giving change
  • Use plastic cents to buy items from different shops
  • Encourages counting skills
  • Fun educational game for 2-4 players

Finding Fractions

Understanding fractions can be difficult at any age, especially aged 7 and under. Showing how circular, quantitative and continuous fractions are made, these ingenious cards show an empty (white or black) plate or vessel divided into a certain number of parts. When a green, e.g. cake is placed over the top of the colour-coded plate, the fraction of the whole cake can be clearly seen both visually and numerically. Higher level players can then be asked to work out the fraction of the cake that is missing. Set focuses on 1/2s, 1/3s and 1/4s with content, games and activities suitable for up to 6 players. Ages 6-7+ and SEN.

Addition and Subtraction 2 Digit Numbers Savvy Cards

  • A fun way to practise key mathematical operations.
  • Play in a group by taking turns answering questions from the stack and checking answers on the colourful reverse.
  • The winner is the first to get five cards of the same colour.

Place Value and Ordering Cards

  • These unique cards display components of a hundreds board with a starting point so that children can predict neighbouring number patterns.
  • The reverse side is blank to enable pupils to make up their own patterns.
  • Contains 25 write-on/wipe-off cards.

Decodable Word Problems to 20

  • Decode these simple problems, work out the answer and find the matching self-correcting puzzle piece.
  • “Tricky” maths vocabulary that might not have been encountered is listed on the back of the box.
  • This set focuses on answers within 20
  • There are 20 puzzles in each set and exciting activity instructions included on the box.

Learning Resources Dive into 3D Shapes! 

  • Geometric shape building set
  • Children gain hands-on experience creating composite shapes, identifying shape attributes, and partitioning circles and squares into equal parts
  • 129-piece set includes: 60 sticks in 3 sizes, 20 curves, 34 connectors, and 15 double-sided activity cards
  • Award winner; Ideal for ages 6+