1st Class English Station Teaching Games Pack

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Pop for Blends™ Game (1)
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Look, Splat, Spell, Check Games Level 1 (2)
My First Making Words Snap
sight word bingo

1st Class English Station Teaching Games Pack

1st Class English Station Teaching Games Pack

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102.00 92.00

  • All the literacy games you need to run a full station teaching English lesson.
  • Ideal for literacy  power hour or a team teaching initiative.
  • Each game works with a group of children.
  • Each game can be used as a full station.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Created by an experienced Irish primary school teacher.
  • Key curriculum skills development.
  • Encourages collaborative and active learning.
  • Each game / activity will work with a minimum of 4 players.
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Pop for Blends Reading Game

  • Grab a popcorn piece and build a word with that beginning blend or digraph. Pull out a POP kernel, and all your pieces go back!
  • Players get plenty of practice with the most common beginning blends
  • Includes 92 blend cards, 8 POP cards, spinner and guide (printed on box)
  • For 2–4 players

Zingo! Word Builder

Build Reading Skills, Three Letters at a Time
This word building version of Zingo! is the perfect confidence booster for early readers! Ideal for players who are just learning how to put letters together to form words, It’s great for teaching spelling and vocabulary. With two levels of play, this word game is designed to engage and support both beginner and more experienced readers. Just slide the Zinger and claim tiles to fill your Zingo! card with three letter words – pure Zingo “F-U-N!”

Sight Words Swat! A Sight Words Game

With 5 levels of play, this game is for everyone! After one of the 220 Dolch sight words is called out, use your swatter to swat the word on the matching fly. Collect the most flies and win! For 1–4 players. Swatters measure 9”L each.

Educational Benefits

  • Learning Style: Visual, Tactile, Auditory
  • Skill Development: Word recognition, Eye-hand coordination, Vocabulary building, Problem solving, Following directions


  • 110 Double-sided sight word flies, 4 Colorful swatters

Look, Splat, Spell, Check Games Level 1

Look, SPLAT, Spell, Check – WIN! The rules of these fun spelling games couldn’t be simpler. Tackle over 200 high-frequency and common exception word spellings. Play in pairs, spell words correctly and be the first to get three in a row to win.

My First Making Words Snap

Master early years language concepts, whilst having lots of fun with this deck, through either Snap or Pairs. For example, playing Snap with this fantastic deck of cards, you are trying to snap sections of words together, such as ‘c’ and ‘at’ to form ‘cat’.

To play Pairs, simply turn all the cards upside down and turn two over to see if they match. If they do, then you keep them; if not, you turn them back face down.

The aim is to collect all the cards. Two fun games in one that help children learn fundamental language concepts.

Sight Word Bingo

Easy-to-play bingo game.

Game features two levels of play; recognising single sight words and reading sight words within captions. 

Tricky’ words are highlighted for easy identification to remind children that they can’t sound out these words phonetically

The four game cards are laminated to lengthen their life and allow them to be wiped clean. Includes spinner, 36 disks, four caption cards, four game cards and multilingual activity guide and packaging. For 2-4 players.



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