Our Top Family Boardgames for 2017

Our Top Family Boardgames for 2017

What is a good Family Board game?

By family board game we mean a board game that can be played by the whole family including kids from 7 or 8, teenagers and of course parents and grandparents.

The criteria we used for choosing this list of best family board games was the following:

  • The game must be easy to learn or teach
  • The game must be fun to play
  • The game can be played by 4-5 players or more.
  • The game must have a good replay-ability


The top of any list of best family board games 2017 has to include the 2017 Spiel des Jahres Winner (Game of the Year) , Kingdomino. Kingdomino is a family strategy board game for ages 8 and up, for 2 to 4 players. Kingdomino is a short game, each turn is quick, it takes t 15 to 20 minutes to play. It is a fun and colorful game to play and has enough strategy in it to please young and old alike. Counting your points at the end of the game is a really good for your kids to practice their Maths skills without noticing it. It really ticks all the boxes with regards to best family board game. A great board game if you want to try something different this Christmas. 


Ages: 8 – Adult

Players: 2 – 4

Price: €24.95

Ticket To Ride

Ages: 8 – Adult

Players: 2 – 5

Price: €44.95

Ticket to ride is a multi-award winning 2 to 5 player family board game for ages 8 to adult, that has a playing time of 30 to 60 minutes. The game is easy to learn, meaning you can quickly start playing. Players compete to connect different cities by laying claim to railway routes.  Ticket to Ride is fun, strategic and very competitive as you need to decide which routes to build or be cunning and try to block your opponents building their routesTicket to Ride is a game that will entertain kids and adults alike, it has really become a classic family game since its release in 2004, when it won the Spiel des Jahres award (and many other awards). 

Settlers of Catan

The Settlers of Catan is a 3-4 (you can play 5-6 with the Catan 5-6 player expansion ) player family board game. Players assume the roles of settlers, each attempting to build and develop holdings while trading and acquiring resources. Players are awarded points as their settlements grow; the first to reach a set number of points, typically 10, is the winner. As of 2015, more than 22 million copies in 30 languages had been sold. The game involves large amounts of strategy, while still being fairly simple to learn. Definitely one of those best classic family board games that you must try! 

Ages: 10 – Adult

Players: 3 – 4

Price: €47.95

King of Tokyo

King of Tokyo

Ages: 8 – Adult

Players: 2 – 6

Price: €42.95

King of Tokyo is another multi award winning family board game, for 2 to 6 players suitable for ages 8 to adult. In the game you play as mutant monsters, rampaging robots, or even abominable aliens battling in a fun, chaotic atmosphere. Roll the 6 dice and choose your strategy: Will you attack your enemies? Heal your wounds? Improve your Monster? Stomp your path to victory! 

30 Seconds

30 Seconds Board game is an Irish quick thinking fast talking description board game & is suitable for any group, party or family, big or small. It’s an easy game to play & has broad appeal – it’s not narrowed by gender, age or interest. It’s a game for everyone. The content of the board game (both Irish & international) is based on names & topics that most people will be familiar with including, celebrities & famous people from film, music, sport, politicians (only a few!), places, songs, bands, books, TV, movies, shops & brands etc. Some names are more difficult than others but most will be known by the average person in the street.

30 Seconds Board Game

Ages:  7+ (junior version)

Ages:  12+ (adult version)

Players: 3-20

Price: €29.95