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    My First Magformers (30pcs)

    • Specially designated for 18+month as a starter.
    • A perfect Magformers starter set with bright, crayon coloured pieces and a special colour and shape matching puzzle booklet.
    • Includes large idea building cards plus colour and shape recognition book
    • Truly easy and simple to use. Magnets are sealed in every edge and rotate so always attract and never reject making construction for young hands simple and fun
    • A brilliant set to introduce geometry and simple maths to pre-schoolers: teaches shape recognition and shows how to transform from 2D nets to 3D structures.
    • Compatible with all other Magformers shapes and accessories
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    Conduct Dough Lights

    • Conduct Dough Lights from MindWare uses the power of science to turn soft-dough designs into glowing works of art. This unique kit is a safe and fun way to introduce the basics of circuitry to young and bright minds.
    • Children mold the soft, squishy dough into fun objects by following pattern cards or creating their own design. Once the dough is formed, use the included dough cutter to cut the dough in half or shorten pieces that are too long.
    • Once the design is complete position the custom-engineered LED lights, plug in the wires and watch your creation glow!
    • The included guide offers several activities for your child to perform as well as detailed explanation of all the items in this kit.
    • INCLUDES: Battery-powered work station, 3 containers of conductive dough, 1 container of non-conductive dough, 8 Conduct Dough LED lights, 8 double-sided pattern cards, dough cutter, instructions and activity guide.