Write and Wipe Pockets, Set of 5

Write and Wipe Pockets

Write and Wipe Pockets, Set of 5


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Write and Wipe Pockets, Set of 5:

Write and Wipe Pockets are just as useful as they are colourful. Simply place any worksheet through the opening at the top and write on the pocket with either the included dry-erase marker or a marker that you have tested.

These pockets protect worksheets from being ripped or folded and cut down on waste by making it unnecessary to photograph sheets for the whole class. Not only that but they are perfect for any subject or lesson.

Write & Wipe Pockets offer a variety of uses and will be the perfect addition to your classroom.



5 multi-colour pockets (red, blue, green, purple and orange)

5 dry-erase markers with eraser tips