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Tower Of Hanoi

Tower Of Hanoi


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Tower Of Hanoi:

The ancient mathematical challenge –  this 8 ring Tower of Hanoi includes full solutions and instructional video online.

Can you solve the ancient puzzle by moving the tower of rings from one pole to the other? Remember that at no time can a larger disc be placed on top of a smaller one.

Based on an ancient Indian tale and invented by a mathematician in 1883, this ring puzzle has challenged monks and mathematicians for centuries. It is a mathematical puzzle that takes strategy and consideration to the next level. According to the tale, monks living in a monastery had a challenge that included 64 disks which would have taken 585 billion years to solve. Try your hand at the 8 ring puzzle and see if you can solve it in less time. Start by moving only one disk at a time and remember that at no time can a large disc be placed on top of a smaller one.

Develops mathematical thinking and promotes problem solving skills.


Age: 7+


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