Take 10 Alphabet Cookies


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Take 10 Alphabet Cookies:

Turn any 10 minutes into quality time. The Take 10 Alphabet Cookies game is a great way to spend important time with your little one, building basic skills from alphabet recognition to vocabulary and sensory motor skills.

Learning the ABCs can be a treat with these freshly baked alphabet cookies! Spin the wheel to be the first to collect five cookie letters in a row, name other items that start with your cookie’s letter, or collect the correct cookie letter—with your eyes closed. Each Take10 game has multiple game-play options that all take under 10 minutes to complete.

Short game-play cycles and simple instructions are perfect for little attention spans. Plus, Take10 games are completely portable—take them out or put them away in moments. It only takes minutes to build skills and create memories, sharing meaningful play time together.


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Age: 3+


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