Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes


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Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes:

Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes. Run, Jump and STOMP to launch Stunt Planes. These three different planes were designed by aeronautical engineers to perform amazing stunts. Change the launch angle, fly with a head wind or tail wind, and more to change how these Stunt Planes fly!

The 3 Stunt Planes:

The Looper: Performs giant Loops.

The Glider: Can glide over 100 feet.

The Wildcat: Flips, turns and soars.


The Stomp Rockets are 100% kid-powered. No batteries and no assembly required.

Teachers around the world use Stomp Rockets to teach scientific concepts like gravity, force, trajectory and the power of air.



3 Stunt Planes, Sturdy Launch Stand and Launch Pad with Air Hose


Additional Info:

Age: 5+


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