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Start-Up Circuits


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  • Description

Product Description

  • TOYS THAT TEACH: Start-Up Circuits from MindWare is a fun way to teach your child the abstract concept of circuitry. The switch blocks and action tops are easy to snap together and the buttons are the perfect sixe for little fingers.
  • CURIOUS KIDS: With a light that glows, a fan that spins and a siren that whistles, Start-Up Circuits from MindWare will delight children as they learn how a circuit is a circle that can make fun things happen.
  • MIX AND MATCH: Your curious child can mix and match the switch blocks and action tops simply by snapping them together. Make sure the red line is continuous across both pieces to complete the circuit.
  • INTERCHANGABLE PIECES: Your child can experiment with each different combination to create actual working pieces. A bright red line represents the wire inside each piece. When the line makes a continuous path across a switch block and action top, and the switch is pressed or pushed, the Star-Up Circuit springs into action.
  • INCLUDES: 3 different action tops that light up, whistle and whirl. 3 different blocks to push, slide and flip. Instructions and Parents Guide are also included.

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    Conduct Dough Lights

    • Conduct Dough Lights from MindWare uses the power of science to turn soft-dough designs into glowing works of art. This unique kit is a safe and fun way to introduce the basics of circuitry to young and bright minds.
    • Children mold the soft, squishy dough into fun objects by following pattern cards or creating their own design. Once the dough is formed, use the included dough cutter to cut the dough in half or shorten pieces that are too long.
    • Once the design is complete position the custom-engineered LED lights, plug in the wires and watch your creation glow!
    • The included guide offers several activities for your child to perform as well as detailed explanation of all the items in this kit.
    • INCLUDES: Battery-powered work station, 3 containers of conductive dough, 1 container of non-conductive dough, 8 Conduct Dough LED lights, 8 double-sided pattern cards, dough cutter, instructions and activity guide.