SnoBall Battle Pack


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SnoBall Battle Pack:

SnoBall Battle Pack not only provides endless outdoor fun for children worldwide, it transforms a once seasonal experience into something that can be enjoyed all year round – even in summer!! ​ Add the SnoBall powder to water, watch it turn into realistic snow that you can mould to create your very own Snowballs.

Create: Pour the powder into a suitable bowl. Add 1.2 litres/40.5 fl oz of water per 20g/0.7oz pack.

Play: Mix together until the snow has magically formed. Now you can start making snowballs and let the fun begin.

Clean Up: SnoBalls are degradable. The snow can be collected and thrown away in your general waste or left to break down naturally.


Additional Info:

Age: 3+

Makes 60+ SnoBalls


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