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About Shape By Shape:

Based on the ancient game of tangrams, Shape by Shape is the quietly absorbing game of fitting 14 pieces inside a puzzle frame. Not as simple as it sounds, players are challenged to match the image on each of 60 cards using six red pieces to form the card’s subject and eight yellow pieces to form its background. If needed, hints on the back of each card will aid the player. In addition to the 60 puzzles provided there are 27,268 ways to arrange the pieces inside the puzzle frame. Children who can draw up a master list will be well on their way to brilliant careers in math or engineering. A great exercise in conceptual thinking and spatial relationships. This compact, nicely designed game includes a plastic drawer below the puzzle frame to hold the cards.



Game grid with card storage

60 challenge cards

14 puzzle pieces

Game-go bag


Additional Info:

Ages: 8 to Adult

Shape By Shape