Robotic T-Rex


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About Robotic T-Rex:

Build your own Robotic T-Rex. If you were asked to name only one dinosaur it would be Tyrannosaurus, such is the fascination from the Cretaceous Period, living about 72-65 million years ago. Pronounced tei-RAN-oh-sore-us, its name means “tyrant lizard”. With a massive skull, powerful jaws, a large brain and long saw-like teeth, Tyrannosaurus weighed in at around 7,000 kg. Roaming the Earth in what is now Canada and the USA, Tyrannosaurus was a ferocious and successful carnivore. Bring this Tyrannosaurus to life by following the step-by-step building instructions. With realistic bite-action, this sound-activated model is fabulous for children of all ages.

90 Pieces, easy to assemble. No glue or tools needed


Additional Info:

Age: 6+

Requires 3x AAA batteries (not included)



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