Pix Mix


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In Pix Mix, players are presented with a jumble of images and they need to determine what’s what – and fast.

To set up for the round, each player takes six transparent cards from the bottom of the deck of eighty cards and (without looking at them) inserts them into one of the four card holders in the game. (With two players, each player sets up two card holders.) Ideally these cards have been mixed and shuffled so that they face in different directions. Once all the holders are set, each player passes a holder left, then a 30-second sand timer is started, during which time each player writes down on their score sheet what images they think they see in the line-art jumble. Players go through this process for each holder, then they reveal the images one by one. A player scores one point for each image correctly identified.

After two complete rounds, the player with the highest score wins.

Suitable for ages 8+

2-4 players


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