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Monkey Pod Tangrams


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About Monkey Pod Tangrams:

Monkey Pod Tangrams are the perfect piece of “playable art”. Constructed of beautifully handcrafted monkey-pod wood. The 7 wooden puzzle pieces known as tans are cut thickly and precisely to ensure success whether puzzles are being solved by the hands of a small child or a grown adult. The object of the puzzle is to form a specific shape,  given only in silhouette. Use all seven pieces without overlapping any of them. Each set includes 50 glossy silhouette cards printed in vibrant, easy to discern colours. Each of the four categories of silhouettes, animals, people, objects and abstract shapes contain puzzles of varying degrees of difficulty to challenge tangramists of all skill levels. Solutions to each puzzle are printed on the back of the card.

Research has proven that puzzles such as tangrams can increase children’s memory, spatial reasoning, problem-solving abilities, focus and speed.

In adults, they have been shown to boost long-term mental performance and improve memory retrieval and the ability to process new information. This is a perfect piece of exercise equipment for strengthening young minds and older ones too.

Finding the solution is such fun. We dare you to try and walk away from one of the challenge cards unsolved!



  • 50 challenges and their solutions.
  • Large colourful shape cards.
  • Three categories of silhouettes, animals, people, and abstract shaped.

Additional Info:

Age: 7 – adult

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