Mölkky, the easy-to-learn skittle-throwing game that offers players a great opportunity to enjoy a little competition with friends and family. Just find a patch of grass, set up the pins and get knocking them down!

Age: 6 and up

Players 2 or more

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Beautifully made in real wood, Molkky is a simple and hugely-popular family, out-door game. Set the skittles in place… Take aim and throw the pin: reach 50 points to win! Score OVER 50 and your total drops down to 25. Perfect for beaches, parks, picnics, playgrounds and gardens.

How to score: Each skittle is numbered 1 to 10. Knock one skittle over and you score the number on the skittle. Knock more than one over you score the number of fallen skittles.

Age: 6+

Players: 2 or more


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