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Magformers 14 Piece


  • Perfect Magformers starter set for younger children that includes triangles and squares in bright rainbow colours.
  • Compatible with all Magformers shapes and accessories.
  • Includes Step-by-step idea booklet
  • Includes: Toy Building Components, Instruction Manual
  • Number of Pieces: 14
  • Educational Focus: Creative Thinking, Shapes and Colors, Motor Skills
  • Age: 3 +

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  • Description

Product Description

Magformers 14-Piece Magnetic Building Set. Discover Magformers always attracting magnetic technology and build a cube, small house and small magic ball. Using squares and triangles with the 14 Piece set is great introductory set for budding builders to learn our pull-up tricks and begin building in 3D. Features 2 Geometric Shapes Step-by-step idea booklet with builds from all of Rainbow range.Instant connection! Instant fun! Entertaining and educational. Explore and experiment with these two basic geometric shapes, the square and triangle, to create 3-D models. Feel the magnetic force and have fun exploring the Magformers 14 Piece set connection possibilities.

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