Five Points Gangs Of New York


Five Points Gangs Of New York

Five Points Gangs Of New York

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Five Points Gangs Of New York:

Five Points Gangs Of New York a table-top game that sees you struggle for political control of mid-19th Century Manhattan. Using your powerful political faction, you manipulate gangs like the bullies from Five Points and influence politicians. Rig elections and guide the uncertain destiny of New York. Employ your loyal rabble to control key districts containing major power centres like the Board of Elections, 5th Ward Offices and Tammany Hall. Bid for the reins of the election machinery. Push things the right way and you’ll be King of New York, the powerful master of America’s greatest city.



24 city block tiles, 12 election area tiles, 24 advantage tiles, 9 building tiles, 48 influence chips, 100 rabble cubes, 25 boss markers, 60 victory point chips, 5 player mats


Additional Info:

Age: 12+

Players: 3 to 5

Playing Time: 90 mins



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