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About The Emoji Puzzles Book:

A book with 350 enigmas for you to solve! Emojis have captured our hearts, just as we have acquired theirs at the end of many of our texts and emails. These little colourful characters and icons of the small screen have – like it or not – become part of the very fabric of our modern society. We have embraced them in our schools, homes and places of work. They have become integral to the way we communicate, live and behave these days. We use them as accessories to enhance our style, and they reflect our moods and personality. Emoji Puzzles helps you learn all you need to know about the world’s fastest growing language, and people’s growing reliance on speed for injecting emotion and mood into a short email or text message. With tips and trivia, facts, puzzles, games and entertaining Emoji-related “emoji-neering” for your smartphone, this book is the perfect gift for any Emoji-mad member in your family which, last time we looked, was everyone.


Emoji Puzzles



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