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Cranium PartyCranium Party
Cranium PartyCranium Party

Cranium Party


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About Cranium Party:

Cranium Party includes 400 of the best mind (and body!) bending challenges from the Cranium game over the years. Take on another team head-to-head for faster gameplay. Spell, puzzle, act, hum, or just guess your way to victory within 4 categories! It’s outrageous fun for everyone! Simply cruise around the gameboard completing colour-coded activities within the 1-minute time limit. The first team to reach the Cranium Central space and complete one last challenge wins!

The Cranium game lets you show off your individual talents. Do you feel the urge to put yourself centre stage? Then act, hum, and unleash your inner impersonator in the Star Performer category. Or sketch, sculpt, and draw stick-figure masterpieces if you think the Creative Cat category is your strength! If you have all sorts of facts stored deep in your brain, then Data Head is the category for you. And if you’re a wordsmith, then you should solve the puzzles, define the words, and even spell them backward with the Word Worm questions! Pick your category, complete your challenge, and win!



1 Gameboard

200 Cranium Cards

10-Sided Die

1 Tub of Cranium Clay

1 Timer

2 Movers

1 Notepad

1 Game Guide


Additional Info:

Age: 16+

Players: 4+