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About ColorKu:

ColorKu is Sudoku in colour! ColorKu… start with one of the 104 puzzle cards, then get one of each colour in every row, in every column, and in every 3 x 3 box. Solve any Sudoku puzzle too! In COLOR!!!The game sounds simple, but oh can it be tough! Get one and only one of each colour of marble in each of nine rows, each of the nine columns and each of the nine 3 x 3 squares. Each puzzle has but one correct solution. Each puzzle card starts with a designated number of “clues” telling which marbles in which colour to place where on the board. It’s your task then to fill in the rest of the board with the rest of the marbles in a way that you have only one of each colour in each row, each column, and each box .



  • Solid Wood Construction
  • 81 Marbles in 9 Colours
  • 104 Puzzle Cards
  • 5 levels of Difficulty
  • Solutions Booklet
  • Colour Conversion Card
  • Storage Tray

Additional Info:

Players: 1 or more (co-operatively)

Age:  8 +