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Balance Beans


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About Balance Beans:

Balance Beans the Seesaw Logic Game.

Introduce young learners to elementary Algebra with a fun bean balancing game. A logic game and maths game all in one. Set up the Red Beans according to the Challenge Card. Then carefully place the colourful Beans on the Seesaw to keep it from teetering. When you balance the Seesaw, you are actually balancing an equation! Successfully balancing the seesaw is a fun way to sharpen your problem-solving abilities through play. As the 40 challenges get harder, you’ll reply less on trial and error and more on maths and reasoning.



game tray and base, 9 game tokens (3 single beans, 3 double beans, 3 triple beans), 40 challenges and solutions (easy to super hard), instruction manual, game go bag


Additional Info:

Age: 5+

Players: single player